It's Election Day! Where's my phone?

The 2020 election cycle took a lot out of us. So much that I think the entire U.S. has now been diagnosed with PTSD as a result.

Endless hours of ballot counting, accusations of election fraud, and the long awaited certification, combined with, oh wait.... A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!! Is it really surprising that the federal government is now considering legalizing marijuana?

Here in Pennsylvania the election cycle seems to never end. That said, the confusing, laborious and antiquated processes we use to cast our vote is something that really should end. Enter blockchain technology.

And yes, there is something to be said regarding preservation of historical, political procedure, however, the world moves at the speed of light today, and there are some processes that must change with the times.

Other states have recognized this and have begun piloting programs geared to help make it it easier for overseas citizens, military, and voters with disabilities to vote from anywhere.

Voatz is one such company successfully using blockchain technology to upgrade voting systems in the U.S., as well as globally.

See how Utah used blockchain technology during the 2020 election.

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