Don't Forget To Tip Your Farmer!

What if you could trace the origins of a product by scanning a QR code?

In this age where everything is being counterfeited how do you know if the medication, vitamin supplement, designer purse, or Nike shoes you just bought are the genuine article.

Not surprisingly, fake automobile parts are the cause of millions of deaths annually. Imagine taking your high-end vehicle to the dealership for service ($$$$), only to find out later that counterfeit parts were used during the service or repair. But I digress.

During my many visits to the beautiful island of Jamaica, I fell in love with the homegrown Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Luckily, I was able to purchase the coffee while on a tour of the mountain and ship it back home, ensuring the product's authenticity while supporting the local economy. Win-win.

That said, participating in the world economy can be even easier and more transparent than ever. Thanks to blockchain technologies developed by companies such as Hyperledger and VeChain its now possible to instantly find out if the coffee you love was ethically and sustainably sourced, learn about the farm, and discover how the farmer is compensated. You can even send a tip to the farmers to say thank you. How cool is that?!

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